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November 27, 2012
by admin

Things around the Home We Can Sell for a Quick Buck

In such times of mild austerity and depressing post-depression, finding ways to make a quick buck has become more and more of a necessity. Before you force yourself into selling drugs and prostitution, there is a range of easier and legal ways you can make a quick buck; even if they may be slightly less exciting. Selling household items need not mean shifting your treasured wedding ring or family heirloom. Instead you’ll probably earn a good bit of money through the sales of a few subtler pieces of property. Here are some things you may have lying around your house that you can sell in order to make a quick buck.

Sporting Equipment

Let’s have it right without beating around the bush. We’ve all felt the sudden urge to get fit and healthy and bought some sort of exercising equipment. Unfortunately, most of such equipment merely ends up going to waste as we ‘forget’ to use them (I thought I’d be polite by using the word ‘forget’ there).

However, there is a bright side to your laziness (I mean forgetfulness!). You can sell such equipment for a good deal of money on websites such as Ebay and Amazon. Treadmills can fish out over a £100 for example.

Old Computer Game Consoles

Old computer game consoles can fetch you several hundred quid if you have the right one. Technology geeks are a nostalgic bunch, especially when it comes to video game technology geeks.

After spending the majority of their childhood playing video game consoles, many adults are still hooked on the memory of their favourite childhood games and will therefore pay a large amount to play them again.

If I were to sell my Nintendo 64 for example, it’ll easily fetch me £200. If you have an old video games console, or even an old video game or video game part, check the rates their going off at on Amazon and Ebay and sell it for a price in correlation to such amounts.

Old Computer Parts

While we may be rather tempted to chuck our old PCs out of the window after they ‘pass away’, you should know that some parts of our PC (even if dead) can still be used or recycled and thus can be sold for quite a bit of money.

Deconstruct old computers piece by piece and try and sell the majority of the parts you have when you take it apart. These can be sold on Ebay and Amazon or even at computer shops, if you’re more of a cash-in-hand type of guy.

I’m Richard Daniels and I’m a British freelance writer. From articles on how I sell my stuff, to where’s best to auction goods, I tend to cover topics on making a quick buck.

April 14, 2012
by admin

Esperanza Spalding Hairstyles – Big and Bold


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Esperanza Spalding is the hot, new American jazz bassist. She is the first jazz artist to win a Best New Artist Grammy Award and has a heck of a hairstyle to go with it! She rocks a big Afro haircut with style and sophistication

March 11, 2012
by admin

Yolandi Visser Hairstyles – Zef Glamour Girl from the Die Antwoord


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Yolandi has taken the music word by storm, creating an amazing edgy new hairstyle and look that goes hand in hand with her attitude and musical style.

Possibly the only woman in music who can take on Lady Gaga for attitude

January 12, 2012
by admin

Crazy Lady Gaga haircut pictures now in!

Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga

Well, we just had to add a Lady Gaga gallery!

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta i.e. Lady Gaga is from New York City. She started out in rock, signed to teh fellows over at Streamline Records.

She’s sung with Elton John, worn a dress made out of meat, had more crazy hairstyles than everyone else put together and can sing and dance and look hot getting out of a pool in a skimpy bikini.

Latest death threats aside, we will be glad to see her in the new Muppets Movie. I can’t think of any pop star more suited to crazy costumes! Shes my favourite lady in a meat dress!

November 11, 2010
by admin

NEW Emma Watson haircut style gallery!

A New Emma Watson hairstyle

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A New Emma Watson hairstyle

Emma’s hairstyle is the talk of the town with the new Harry Potter premiere hitting Leicester Square. The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows star looks glamourous throughout.

Maybe the short hair is just a reaction to being free from the film and having to keep it long for the next Harry Potter shoot? We can keep an eye on it!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallowswill be released 19 November, after its world premiere tonight, while the second part will be released in July 2011.

November 9, 2010
by admin

Katie Waissel Hairstyles – Big and Bold

Katie Waissel haircut

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Katie Waissel haircut

Katie has been making a splash! Her hair gets a beating, but when you factor in all the hard work she has to do singing and performing, you know she has to try to look her best on TV.

She has hit the news for drunkenness, ranting and stress. A pretty normal days work for a celeb then

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  • November 2, 2009
    by admin

    Megan Fox Hairstyle Photo Gallery

    A Megan Fox Photo

    Picture 1 of 25

    Megan Fox has a hot body that the film makers seem to want to cast into any film where they can get her to take off her clothes. However, her normally long, dark hair is her crowning glory. Megan doesn’t change her hairstyle often  but we have some picture of Megan’s Updos and her Short Blonde hairstyle period.

    September 8, 2009
    by admin

    Teen Girls Hairstyle Gallery

    Teen Girls hairstyle

    Picture 1 of 22

    Girls – don’t despair, the perfect hot haircut is waiting for you! Here’s our tips for nailing a cool hairstyle:

    • Look for the new celebrity and pop singer hairstyles. they always have the best haircuts first, ask rihanna
    • Dont do  every new style – sometimes the look wont fit you and its best to stick with what looks good on you
    • Don’t get the hairstyle everyone else has. Rihanna was cool to copy for a while, but its so over! Find the next cool look.
    • Teenage hair grows super fast. Try loads of different styles.

    September 8, 2009
    by admin

    Formal Hairstyle Picture Galleries

    Black Formal Hairstyle

    Picture 1 of 23

    Formal Hairstyles can be conservative or quite edgy. It really depends on what type of formal hairstyle you feel you can pull off!

    Have a look at our excellent gallery of brave and restrained hairstyles :)

    September 7, 2009
    by admin

    Short Layered Hairstyle Picture Galleries

    Asian layered hairstyle

    Picture 1 of 29

    Short Layered hairstyles give your hair volume and style, while still being easy and quick to maintain. This type of hiarcut is the favourite of celebrities and their stylists because its easy to make a short layered haircut look good quickly and because its easy to make small changes and get a very different hairstyle.

    Why the short layered Hairstyle rocks!

    • Easy to change looks, layer it down for sleek and sexy, spike it up for edgy punk
    • Helps thin hair look more like a proper hairstyle
    • Easy to add volume with a bit if product
    • You can experiment with funky hair dyes and if your hair doesnt work, its not a big deal. It grows out quick!